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Retail & Consumer


Retail & Consumer industry is defined by unique business dynamics like changing customer demands, uncertain market trends and extensive supply chains. It is a sector that thrives on reaching customers through grocery and department stores, consumer goods and retail stores, and realizing customer satisfaction through consistent, agile and timely service.
The biggest boost to the Retail & Consumer market has been provided by the evolution of IT services and solutions which have streamlined the operations and enriched consumer's buying experience.

Grats IT Edge

Grats IT offers IT solutions and services which cover every segment of Retail & Consumer market right from procurement, supply chain management and logistics services to the end user experience.

We offer rich set of solutions to this segment including:

  • E-Commerce solutions including Order Entry, Order Processing and Order Fulfillment. Integrated set of features for
  • Merchandize management
  • Marketing experimentation ("AB" Testing), email and web marketing campaigns
  • Support for coupons, discounts and promotions
  • Online gift registries and self service guided buys
  • Multi channel order entry including kiosks, mobile and POS
  • Business analytics for profitability, forecasting, commissions, bonus programs etc
  • Integrated price management solutions that can connect with existing storefronts or green-screen ordering systems
  • Custom application development and maintenance
  • RFID solutions and its integration with retail ordering systems for increased customer satisfaction
  • Inventory management and planning