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Background Verification Services

As the leading Background verification agency in India, we offer reliable information to help you develop strategies that help you to grow and enlighten leadership. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and quality solutions so that you can face the future with confidence. Also, GratsIT is the easiest and the most delightful employment background check experience you would come across.

Background Verification Check

Easily perform pre-employment background checks and background screening for employees.

As for the seriousness of threats that companies face because of " negligent hiring " - our background verification agency in India focuses on offering background checks, and resident and pre-employment checks through an expert team. In order to maintain compliance, we have crafted unique, robust and advanced solutions that would save a lot of time. The goal of our Employee verification company in India relies on seamlessly initiating, tracking and managing background checks effortlessly.


Due Diligence Investigations

Performing due diligence before making a critical decision is an invaluable tool in assessing potential.

It is always the corporates who are concerned about a supplier's credibility, competency, and compliance status. Therefore, at GratsIT Background verification company in India, we conduct successful screening to provide you with data so that an informed judgement can be made about investments, mergers, acquisition, personnel background, media presence and activity, location, asset tracking, etc of the target. With us, you can protect your business against unethical or unwelcome associations. Our due diligence services assist you to stay away and avoid being linked to criminals, terrorists, or the organisations that may be hiding behind.

Human Resource Services

Human resource development is the process of developing the human resource working.

Being the renowned background verification (BGV) company in Bangalore, India, we offer human resource services where modernising and upgrading the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and perceptions of the human resources are done. With us, you can create custom screening packages according to the job role or client. The best part is you only pay for what you seek from us. We conduct it to meet the changing trends of the worldwide economy and to use such advancements to achieve the goals set by an organization. Not to mention, our resources can help organizations of all sizes, especially those that do not have HR teams.

Employment Verification services

What benefits would you get from employment Verification services?


There may be multiple reasons why you would need to seek help from our Background Verification Agency in India. However, on the other hand, employment verification service presents a number of benefits over companies including

• Receiving an automated response to the request
• Makes sure that there is the security of employees' details
• Speeds up the speed process of response time and request
• Ensure that the details of the candidates are genuine.

GratsIT employment verification benefits
GratsIT Employment Verification is an on-demand service provider that works on advanced solutions. Our verifiers authenticate who browse through a candidate's complete history of employment including the name, location, date, position held and others of a person.

At GratsIT-Background Verification Agency in India, our services assist you by reducing the risk of employment Verification errors and the chances of hiring a bad candidate by using consistent research approaches.

We outsource time-consuming, tiresome screening activities through our specialised team of verifiers who have years of experience. Our employee background verification company in aims to improve the candidate experience by simplifying and accelerating the verification. The best part about hiring employment verification is that we offer customized solutions to the clients at affordable rates that easily fit their diverse budgets.

Background checks are a must-do thing that you need to shift your focus on !!
We believe that background checks are very essential for any business or organization that aims to avoid later hassles and headaches. It does not matter what size your organization is, counting on our Employee Background verification company in will lower your chances to lose much from bad hiring.

Also, it saves you and your other staff members from any dangers. Being among the Best Background Verification Companies In India, we can offer you the evidence between a successful operation and a service that ends up failing.

Education Verification services

What do we represent in our education verification background Services?

At GratsIT, we are the leading education Background Verification Agency in India who make sure to contact the Universities and other educational institutions to verify a candidate's credentials are true.

We help you to gain information about a student's
• Enrollment details
• Attendance details
• Type of certification obtained
• Course completion status
• Graduation year and date
• Final result

Whenever you come to us for Employee Background Verification & Screening Services, it is the education verification that plays a vital role.

The candidate's education history is checked to declare if the person is eligible or suitable for a particular job position or not. We help you by providing accurate data so that you can make the best decision.

Why is an education background check important?

Education background check plays a very important role for any business that wants to grow and expand without any obstacle. This is simply because having chosen a talented group of individuals makes it all possible.

At GratsIT, we consider background checks as an important process of hiring as it helps to ensure that the candidates selected are fully equipped.

Our team of experts helps to avoid hiring liability, and detect fake results and certifications using the right techniques and technologies. Also being the trusted service provider of education verification, our team goes the extra mile to obtain real data about a candidate.

The best part about GratsIT is that we offer services with timeliness so that you do not have to delay any of your organization's work by not hiring candidates when it is most required.

Criminal Background Verification services

What services can you expect from GratsIT to provide in criminal background checks?

Being the top-rated background verification agency in India, GratsIT makes sure that all your requirements are met at an affordable rate. Therefore, the services that you can expect us to provide you include

• Accurate reach
• State criminal search
• Federal criminal search
• Sex offender registry search
• County criminal search
• International criminal record search
• County, state, and federal civil search

Time to safeguard your organization with GratsIT !!

At GratsIT, our criminal Background Verification Agency in India serves your diverse demands in the best way possible. It does not matter what job position your organization has an opening for, our criminal record check allows you to make informed decisions about a candidate's appropriateness. We make sure that we are helping you to detect the potentially dangerous hires and assist in protecting the reputation of your organization. Furthermore, we make sure that all your company's assets are in safe hands so that you grow and flourish without any obstacles.

Referral Checks services

Being the Best Background Verification Company in India, our reference check helps to disclose important details about an individual. This includes

• The strengths and the weaknesses of the candidate
• Their motivating facts
• The behaviour of the candidate in their current or previous workplace
• Communication skills
• Their actions in particular situations

At GratsIT, our reference checks help you to determine not just if the candidate will be able to complete the job requirements, but also if they would be an ideal choice for the job.

Being the Best Background Verification Companies In India, we obtain valuable resources that help to gain impartial knowledge of the prospect. We strive to give you the most thorough reference checks so that you can confidentially select the candidates for your team.

We also customise job reference checks to meet your individual needs, without letting one compromise their budget..

Address Verification services

Who should be in charge of verifying addresses?

We believe all organizations should address verification checks. This is important because it ensures that both the business as well as the candidates are secure.

When should address verification be done?

At GratsIT, our background screening company in India, we recommend verifying addresses when screening new candidates. As this not only saves time or helps in identifying the correct candidates, but also helps in having complete confidence in the candidate's identity.

Types of Address Verification

Our employment verification agency in India comes with two types of Address Verifications- permanent and temporary addresses.

Permanent Address- is an individual's legal address where he or she is a registered resident along with the name and it appears in Government documents such as ration cards, voter id cards, passports and driver's licenses. This address is very important for an individual because this is where a person receives his/her official documents.

Temporary Address- is any person's home address, where he or she is staying with a friend or relative. It can either be a rented apartment or a paying guest. Or it can also be a post office box where he/she can receive any letter.

Is address verification necessary?

Address verification is necessary not only because it comes with various benefits but also because it saves from the risk of dangers too. Firstly, it helps in sending out letters, legal notices, final settlement documents and much more to employees.

Secondly, it helps in preventing issues of misgivings such as tracking down defaulters or employees who go missing after frauding with customer accounts.

Besides, it also helps police and investigation teams in finding criminals who have been involved in any act of misconduct, thus helping law enforcement authorities.

Address verification is basically done through a field officer. He/ she visits the mentioned address and verifies everything from ownership to current status. In case of absence, the officer verifies the person through neighbours.

Database Verification services

At GratsIT, the Global Database Background Screening is a database screening process that takes place all around the world. We are one of the best employee background verification companies in India as we help in verifying whether the candidate's name appears in a public or private database of negative profiles. This includes the civil litigation database, credit database, acceptance database and criminal database as well as those of the IRS and the FBI.

As a leading and top background verification company in India, we offer services including :
Litigation Database
FBI Database
OFAC Database
FBI Database
Media Database
Defaulters list Reserve Bank of India.