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Healthcare sector has always faced constant flux of innovations and improvements. With its focus on the most significant aspect of everyone's life, health, the sector on one hand demands immaculate products and services and on the other creates one of the largest markets in the world.
With the tremendous economics involved in the Healthcare sector, it is defined by ever rising high competition in terms of solutions, services and cost considerations. The best way to stay ahead of one's competitors is to augment the core business with advanced IT solutions and services.

Grats IT Edge

Grats IT offers tailor-made solutions catering to every segment of healthcare ranging from pharmaceutical to biotechnology, hospitals, public health organizations and ancillary services. The lower cost of our offerings coupled with our in-depth understanding of international industry standards like HIPAA, HL7, etc. gives us an edge in providing regulatory compliant solutions.

Our solutions include:

  • Electronic health record
  • Healthcare real-time monitoring
  • Clinical quality management systems
  • Bioinformatics, telemedicine solutions and services
  • Supply chain management and Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics
  • Contract management and claims analytics specific to pharmacy management
  • Healthcare Application and Analytics Services
  • Web based access to real time information including guided decision making algorithms
  • Implementation of Self service vehicles to enable rich feature set for end users