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In education lies the future of world. Moving beyond its traditional roles education has grown to become a sector that thrives on technology and innovation. The challenges faced by education sector range from making learning an interesting experience to increasing its reach.
For education to be successful it is important that it can attract the best talent, explore different modes of learning, make access affordable, ensure overall personality development and improve employability as well. In realising all these goals by playing the central role IT solutions and services act as the most important enabler.

Grats IT Edge

Grats IT IT based solutions for education sector among other things help streamline university education network and make education sector technologically advanced and affordable.

Grats IT rich solution set for Education vertical includes:

  • Design and development of Computer Based Training material and Live on line instructor-led training sessions
  • Content management solutions for authoring, reviewing and content-syndication
  • Custom application development and maintenance to fit with our client's existing e-Learning footprint
  • Implementation of multi vendor single-sign-on solutions to provide a secure and hassle free learning space
  • Managing compliance and regulatory obligation which provide fraud protection and privacy checks
  • Grats IT developed solution accelerators for Education vertical that provide concept-to-launch education solutions including data centre planning and DR/Business Continuity implicationss
  • Integration with third party testing and certification vendors via messaging middleware or custom integration

We offer various solutions including e-learning tools, institute administration, identity management and information security.